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Since 1988 Inside Credit has been a trusted source for credit reports, as well as criminal and eviction searches for landlords, real estate agents and property managers. Employers large and small rely on us to enhance their applicant screening processes. Our hands on, client-focused services will help you make the right decision — saving you time, money and stress.

We’re your “in house” background check service, that saves you the cost of purchasing or subscribing to expensive software. Plus, there’s never any set up fees of monthly minimums — simply use us when you need us.

Real Estate Agents

In a highly competitive marketplace, your ability to quickly fill vacancies with qualified tenants will help grow your business and cement your reputation for getting things done. Inside Credit gives you the accurate data you need to make intelligent evaluations of potential tenants.

Landlords & Property Managers

Empty homes and apartments mean lost profits. With Inside Credit, you get the quality screening information you need in order to place tenants quickly. Our Rapid Reports will provide you with a 360-degree view of an applicant’s credit and eviction history.


Employee screening is an integral part of any good business plan, and hiring the right employee makes the difference between success and failure. Employers trust Inside Credit to provide them with accurate background information in order to make smart decisions.

Inside Credit is my go-to when it comes to processing credit and background checks on tenant prospects. InsideCredit responds promptly and their reporting is thorough. As a real estate agent, I would recommend InsideCredit to anyone looking for a service of this kind.

Boo Bryant

Dallas, Texas